Gov Announced Kisan Loan Registration Process From Mobile

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The Chief Minister of Punjab has initiated the registration process for farmers in the Kisan Loan Program, aiming to bolster agricultural development across the state. Under this program, eligible individuals can secure agricultural loans of up to Rs. 50 lakh. The Punjab government has allocated funds to support up to 50,000 farmers in Punjab through this initiative. According to the directives of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the process of registration of farmers for the Kisanpur program has started in all of Punjab. Those who want to avail of agricultural loans under the Agricultural Loan Program should register themselves in the Farmer Loan Program as soon as possible and get a loan of Rs.50 lakh if ​​eligible. The Punjab government is providing agricultural loans of up to 50 lakhs to 50,000 farmers in Punjab.

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The Punjab government has also introduced the Kisan Loan Card through which farmers and cultivators can get loans quickly. The Punjab government disburses these loans in easy installments and there will be no interest on them. People who want to get a loan from the Farmer Loan Program should register as soon as possible according to the method provided below and get an agricultural loan of up to 50 lakhs.

Final Registration Process for Farmer Loan

Farmers who want to enrol in the Farmer Loan Program should go to the nearest regional administrative tehsil office as soon as possible and get their registration. The representative there will register you through the PITB Kisan online web portal. You must bring your national identity card and a copy of the land documents with you for registration. A representative of the local Administrative PITB Kisan you for the Kisan Loan Card and the Kisan Loan Program.

Key Details
Program NameKisan Loan Program 2024
Loan AmountUp to Rs. 50 lakh
Total Beneficiaries50,000 farmers in Punjab
Challan FeeRs. 2000
Eligibility CriteriaMinimum 2 acres of land ownership
No bank defaults
No prior agricultural loans
Clear land ownership
No involvement in criminal activities
Loan Repayment TermsRegister at the local Tehsil Office
Pay challan fee at the nearest bank
Application ProcessRegister at the local Tehsil Office
Pay the challan fee at the nearest bank
Supporting InstitutionBank of Punjab
Expected ImpactEnhanced agricultural productivity and economic growth in Punjab

After that, you have to go to your nearest bank in Punjab and give the challan form to avail Kisanpur program. The challan fee for the Kisanpur program has been set at Rs.2000 by the Punjab government. So you have to pay this challan and join the farmer loan program. After that, your verification will be done, and if you are eligible, you will be given the farm loan.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Kisan Loan Scheme

The Punjab government has set the eligibility criteria for Kisan Pur, under which you will be eligible for the loan. Farmer Loan Program.

  • To avail of the loan, the applicant must own at least two acres of land.
  • You have not taken any agricultural loan from any bank before.
  • To get a loan, the land you are borrowing must be your property.
  • Borrowers should not be involved in any criminal activity.


Chief Minister Punjab introduced the registration method for the Kisan Karz program. Therefore, those who want to take advantage of this program should visit their nearest regional director’s office as soon as possible and register to be eligible for the loan. The Punjab government has announced that this loan will be given to those who have more than two acres of land. The government has proposed an agricultural loan of Rs 30,000 per acre which will be given to them by the Bank of Punjab. No interest is charged on the repayment of this loan. So, as soon as possible, farmers should take advantage of this golden opportunity and make reforms to increase their agricultural production by getting interest-free loans.

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