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if you are also a labourer. Do you want to get the card made or the labourer card? If you want to be a part then this video is for you Today we will talk about labour cards. Which details will you get on the labour card from Hawala? Facilitation is being given, what is its benefit? How can this labour card be made? For which labourers is this labour card issued? If it has been started by then it is complete Details. The biggest advantage here is that if you work somewhere and your Does anyone have a labour card with you? an accident happens or you get sick If you are currently on a labour card, Fawad will be present for this you guys will support and this is one of the biggest advantages When you get sick or something happens If Allah forbid it comes in handy then labour card gives you complete comfort here.

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Labourers often face uncertainties in their work environments, and having proper documentation can be crucial in times of need. The labour card system aims to provide support and benefits to workers, ensuring their well-being and that of their families. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the labour card, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the process of obtaining one.

Benefits of the Labor Card

One of the primary advantages of holding a labour card is the assurance of support in case of accidents or illnesses. This includes financial assistance and access to healthcare services. Additionally, the card extends benefits to the education sector, offering support for children’s schooling and vocational training. This provision not only aids in personal development but also contributes to economic stability by enhancing employability and income potential.

Quick Details

BenefitsFinancial support during accidents or illnesses, educational assistance for children, access to healthcare, and more.
EligibilityAvailable to various categories of workers and their families, subject to registration with the government.
ApplicationProcess facilitated through the Punjab Government website, with detailed guidelines and contact information provided.

Eligibility Criteria

The labour card is available to various categories of workers, including those engaged in manual labour such as brickmaking, shop assistants, and workers involved in tasks like stone cutting or coal mining. Eligibility also extends to families of workers, provided they meet certain criteria and are registered with the government. Will understand and the second one who is bigger here The advantage is that the education of children Education scholarship is available here for your child. To advance in the training ground There is also a provision for fees etc. and here primary saanvi and ala Here is your opportunity for Benazir education.

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Understood and the children of the factor Help in the kitchen till better times Apart from this, if you become a part of this scheme. So the worker of this scheme should be given a profession. Education and skills are the means for progress even in a recession. understand so that their employment and Marat can help in increasing income programs for the development of Miscellaneous including manufacturing and khidma kill Shobo besides your Children also understand the importance of marriage If you want to marry your children then You can also get married grant from here.

How to Obtain a Labor Card

The process of obtaining a labour card is facilitated by the government, specifically through the Punjab Government website. Interested individuals can find comprehensive guidelines and contact information for assistance. It’s imperative to ensure registration with the government to avail of the benefits associated with the card.


If you go to get it done then you will have to take care of your health. Health care keeping in mind the convenience It is also understood which labourers here get this from their exam Let me tell you that the labourers here. The number one test is that labourer who is on wages. work that makes bricks all day This is also a type of laborer and in this Especially the laws of the government are applicable The number two workers are those who work at the shops.

The labour card system stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to the welfare of its workforce. By providing tangible benefits and support mechanisms, it not only safeguards the interests of labourers but also fosters socio-economic development. Through awareness and accessibility, the labour card empowers individuals to navigate challenges with greater resilience and security.

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