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The Ehsaas Tracking.Pass.Gov.Pk program, introduced by the Pakistani government in 2019, aims to provide economic assistance to disadvantaged individuals and families. This initiative is part of broader efforts to enhance the quality of life and ensure social welfare across the country.

Understanding the Ehsaas Program

The Ehsaas program, also known as the 8171 Ehsaas Program, is a comprehensive social security initiative designed to alleviate poverty and support vulnerable segments of society. It encompasses various schemes and initiatives aimed at providing financial aid, healthcare services, education support, and livelihood opportunities.

Purpose of the Ehsaas Program

The primary goal of the Ehsaas program is to extend support to individuals and families facing economic hardships. Through financial assistance and social welfare programs, the government aims to create a more inclusive society where every citizen has access to basic necessities and opportunities for growth.

Key Features of the Ehsaas Program

Financial AssistanceProvides support for basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare.
Healthcare ServicesIncludes free medical treatment and health insurance for marginalized groups.
Education SupportOffers scholarships and educational supplies to ensure access to quality education.
Livelihood OpportunitiesPromotes income-generating activities and vocational training for self-sustainability.
Social ProtectionInitiatives to safeguard rights and well-being of vulnerable groups like widows and orphans.

Checking Eligibility for Ehsaas Program

Before accessing benefits, individuals must determine their eligibility through various methods such as online registration or SMS verification.

Online Registration Process

To register online, visit the official government website and provide necessary details like full name and CNIC. Upon completion, the system displays eligibility status.

Checking Eligibility by SMS

Alternatively, send your CNIC number to 8171 via SMS to receive confirmation of eligibility.

Required Documents for Registration

Essential documents include CNIC, utility bills, disability certificate (if applicable), and proof of Pakistani citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

The Ehsaas program targets individuals and families in genuine need of assistance, based on criteria including poverty level, age (20-60 years), land ownership (<2 acres), income threshold, employment status, and family size (>6 members).

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How can I check my eligibility for the Ehsaas program online?
    • Visit the official Ehsaas program website and fill in your details to check eligibility.
  2. What documents are required for Ehsaas program registration?
    • Essential documents include CNIC, utility bills, disability certificate (if applicable), and proof of Pakistani identity.
  3. Who is eligible to apply for the Ehsaas program?
    • Individuals falling below the poverty rating threshold, aged 20-60 years, with limited land ownership and income, qualify for assistance.
  4. Can I check my Ehsaas program eligibility via SMS?
    • Yes, send your CNIC number to 8171 via SMS to verify your eligibility status.
  5. What benefits does the Ehsaas program offer?
    • The program offers financial assistance, healthcare services, education support, livelihood opportunities, and social protection to eligible individuals and families.

This summary provides a comprehensive overview of the Ehsaas Tracking.Pass.Gov.Pk program, its objectives, features, eligibility criteria, and how individuals can access its benefits through structured processes.


The Ehsaas program plays a crucial role in supporting millions of underprivileged individuals across Pakistan by providing financial aid, healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities. Its transparent eligibility criteria and streamlined registration process ensure effective delivery of assistance to those most in need, fostering a more equitable and inclusive society.

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