BISP: “Rubina Khalid Expands Benazir Kafalat Payments to 6 More Banks”

On Tuesday, Senator Rubina Khalid, Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), announced a significant enhancement in the program’s payment mechanisms. This move aims to address issues related to Point of Sale (POS) agents and provide beneficiaries greater flexibility in receiving payments.

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The BISP has partnered with six additional banks to facilitate payments, increasing convenience and ensuring fair treatment for eligible women.

Senator Rubina Khalid highlighted that this initiative marks a strategic effort to minimize complaints by revamping the payment model. Previously, only two banks were involved, with their contracts expiring several years ago. However, this expansion not only broadens service availability but also enhances transparency within the program.

List Of The Banks Partnered With BISP Program

Bank Al Falah
Bank of Punjab
Mobilink Microfinance
Telenor Microfinance Bank
Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
HBL Microfinance

Beneficiaries can now receive payments through these banks, fostering greater transparency and accessibility. Moreover, transactions between JazzCash/EasyPaisa mobile wallets and these bank accounts are now feasible.

At a ceremony held at BISP offices, agreements were signed between BISP Director General Naveed Akbar and representatives from the partner banks, underscoring the program’s commitment to efficient payment distribution.

Setup of BISP Campsites for Payment Disbursement

To ensure transparency in the disbursement process, BISP has established payment campsites staffed with competent personnel. Senator Rubina Khalid emphasized zero tolerance for corruption or mistreatment of program beneficiaries, particularly women.

Introduction of Skill Training Programs

Senator Rubina Khalid also announced the revival of the Poverty Graduation Program during an interview at the BISP Central Zonal Office in Lahore. This program aims to provide skill training to BISP beneficiaries, empowering them to support their families and earn a sustainable livelihood.


What is the significance of adding six more banks to the BISP program? Adding more banks allows beneficiaries to choose where they receive payments, enhancing convenience and reducing dependency on limited banking options.

How does the partnership with new banks improve transparency? It broadens the scope for fund distribution, making the process more transparent and accessible to a wider audience.

What steps has BISP taken to combat fraud? BISP is collaborating with the Ministry of Information Technology to develop digital payment solutions, ensuring secure and accountable transactions.

What is the Poverty Graduation Program reintroduced by BISP? The program offers skill training to beneficiaries, enabling them to acquire employment and income-generating opportunities.


In conclusion, the Benazir Income Support Program continues to evolve by expanding payment options and enhancing transparency through strategic partnerships with banks. This initiative not only improves convenience for beneficiaries but also reinforces BISP’s commitment to combating fraud and empowering recipients through skill development programs.

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