Ramadan Relief Package: Free Atta Distribution via 8070 Scheme

Ramadan Relief Package If you want to get free flour during the month of Ramadan, the Ramadan relief package has started. Through this, you will be given free flour. How you can get free flour through 8070 gives you information. You can easily enrol yourself in this program. And he can also get the ration given during fasting.

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You have been told how to register. And you will be able to do your registration easily even at home. And you can get three bags of flour through this program. So you must read this article in detail and take full advantage of all the information provided in this article. And I am sure that you will also benefit from all the information provided in this article.

Free Atta Distribution via the 8070 Scheme

If you want to get flour through 8070 how can you get it? Here is the complete guide on how to register yourself in this program online. The registration process is very easy. You can register yourself by following the procedure given in this article.

Because the poverty in Pakistan has increased a lot and to end this poverty, the government of Pakistan has started this package for the poor people. Three-floor bags and some other things are offered by this program to the beneficiaries. And register yourself and get three bags of flour by being a part of this program.

Quick Details

Scheme NameRamadan Relief Package – 8070 Atta Scheme
Eligibility CriteriaCNIC holders, particularly those in need
Distribution MethodSMS registration or web portal
BenefitThree bags of free flour
IntegrationLinked with Ehsaas and BISP programs

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the 8070 scheme is determined based on the participant’s status and needs. Individuals who are disabled or widowed can register for the program from the comfort of their homes. Those already registered in other government assistance programs, such as Ehsaas, are automatically considered for eligibility.

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Through the 8070 scheme, you can also receive your registration via SMS. You can do your registration by sending your ID card number in any code. You must send your ID card number to 8070. You will not enter any information other than your ID card number. You have to send your ID card number only.

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which is your 13-digit CNIC number. Then you have to wait for a while and you will get a message. In which it will be mentioned that you have completed your survey and you are eligible for this program. And you can get a ration through the 8070 scheme. And you will be given three bags of flour. So if you are not eligible for this program. So you will not be registered in this program and you will not be able to get three bags of flour.

Ramzan Relief Package 11 July 2024 Registration

If you want to ensure your registration in online mode using the web portal. So 8070 flour scheme web portal is also introduced. You can easily check your eligibility through the portal for registration. And can check the registration. As you use the Ehsaas program portal, you will also use this portal.

In this portal, you have to enter your ID card number first. After that, you have to click on the heading below. When you click, you will be notified that you are eligible for this program. If you are disabled or you are a widow you can register while staying at home.


And so on when you qualify for the program. So you will also be helped by the Ehsaas program and BISP program. If you are already registered in the Ehsaas program, you will be able to register for this program easily. Due to a lack of time, data has been collected from the Ehsaas program.

People who are registered in the Ehsaas program are easily assisted through this program. If you are already registered in Sense program Then you don’t need to worry. Because you can reach 8070 easily. If you want such information, you should visit our website. All information is documented here. And you can easily take advantage of this information and ensure your registration.

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