PSPA Announced Registration Way Through Mobile Phone Number 11 July 11 July 2024

The Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) has recently announced new registrations for its social security program aimed at empowering impoverished families in Lahore, Pakistan. This initiative strives to support financially vulnerable households by assisting to meet their basic needs and improving their quality of life.

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PSPA Announced Registration

The PSPA is currently accepting applications for its Environmental Social SafeGuard program, which targets the economically disadvantaged. By facilitating easy registration, individuals can now apply for assistance directly through their mobile phones. To register, applicants simply need to visit a branch of the Bank of Punjab, where they will be assisted by staff members who will verify their identity through an OTP code sent to their mobile number.

PSPA Online Registration

The program extends support to various aspects of beneficiaries’ lives, including food aid, education, health, and social security. It particularly focuses on families facing financial hardships due to low income, striving to uplift their socioeconomic status and enhance their overall well-being.

PSPA Announced Registration Way Through Mobile Phone Number

To prevent misuse of funds, rigorous monitoring mechanisms have been implemented to ensure that only deserving individuals receive assistance. Verification procedures involve biometric authentication, linking registered phone numbers with account details, and obtaining an OTP code for transactional purposes.

Punjab Social Protection New Payment

The PSPA program aims for comprehensive coverage, reaching all eligible individuals across Punjab. Beneficiaries can conveniently access their financial assistance by visiting designated Bank of Punjab branches, where they undergo biometric verification before receiving their allocated funds.

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Quick Details:

Program NamePSPA (Punjab Social Protection Authority)
LocationLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
ObjectiveEmpower impoverished families
Registration MethodThrough mobile phone number at Bank of Punjab branches
BenefitsFinancial assistance, food aid, education, health
Verification ProcessBiometric authentication, OTP code
Payment Collection ProcessBank of Punjab branches
Government InitiativesEhsaas program restoration


Through initiatives like the PSPA, the government of Punjab endeavors to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of its citizens. Additionally, the restoration of the Ehsaas program further underscores the commitment to enhancing social welfare and securing a better future for residents. Eligible individuals are encouraged to register promptly to avail themselves of the benefits provided by these programs.