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The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has initiated a new payment scheme in 11 July 2024, aiming to provide financial assistance to eligible families in Pakistan. This comprehensive guide outlines the process of accessing the BISP new payment, eligibility criteria, and essential steps to ensure smooth enrollment and receipt of benefits. Benazir Income Support Program New Payment Launched.

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To get their money and get 10500 new money easily after biometric authentication there. Apart from this, the families who are not yet aware of this program and have not registered themselves, are not to be worried.

Check The New BISP Payment

If you want to register for this program, you must first find your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and when you go there you must have your original ID card. An office representative will take your information and enrol you in the program. After a few days, you will receive a message via 8171 informing you if you are registered in this program.

Quick Details:

Program NameBISP New Payment 11 July 2024
Payment AmountPKR 10,500
Enrollment ProcessVisit Nearest BISP Office
Payment VerificationBiometric Authentication
Eligibility CriteriaMonthly Income: PKR 25,000-30,000
No Government Employment
No Personal Vehicle/Property
No Enrollment in Other Aid Programs
Pakistani National ID
Registered SIM Card

If you are already registered in this program but haven’t received any episodes yet, you don’t have to worry. You can easily check your eligibility at home. The eligibility assessment process has become very easy. To provide more convenience to people, the 8171 web portal has been introduced, which allows you to check eligibility and payment if you want to check your eligibility through the web portal.

Accessing BISP New Payment:

To access the new BISP payment, eligible families can visit the nearest MobiCash centre for easy collection of the allocated amount of PKR 10,500 after completing the biometric verification process. For families unaware of the program or unregistered, the government has announced provisions for registration, ensuring inclusion for those in need.

You can send your National ID card by texting 8171 if you have registered a phone number. After a short time, you will receive all the information about the payment. You will see the details on the screen. To receive payment, you can visit any HBL Bank centre or MobiCash centre.

Registration Process:

To register for the BISP program, individuals need to locate their nearest BISP office and present their original ID card. A representative at the office will guide them through the registration process. Upon completion, applicants will receive confirmation through SMS regarding their enrollment status.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Determining eligibility for the BISP program involves meeting specific criteria:

  • Monthly family income falling between PKR 25,000 to 30,000.
  • Absence of government employment among family members.
  • No ownership of vehicles or property.
  • Non-enrollment in other financial aid programs.
  • Possession of a Pakistani identity card.
  • Ownership of a registered SIM card for communication.


This program is only for the poor who are unable to meet their basic needs due to low income and are very worried due to rising inflation, so they need not worry anymore because they are eligible for the BISP 10500 program. Can get benefits through registration if any. There is a problem while receiving the money.

The BISP New Payment 11 July 2024 targets impoverished families struggling to meet basic needs amidst economic challenges. By providing financial assistance, the program aims to alleviate the burden of inflation and uplift vulnerable communities. In case of any issues or queries regarding payment receipts, individuals can register complaints through the citizen portal for prompt resolution.

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