Neghabna Program Announces Helpline For Complaint 11 July 2024

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In a significant move, Chief Minister Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has announced the extension of the Neghaban program throughout Punjab, aiming to provide free ration to deserving impoverished individuals. The program’s expansion is accompanied by a streamlined registration process to facilitate easy access for applicants, who are required to answer a set of simple questions during registration to determine their eligibility for assistance. This initiative aims to provide free ration to the impoverished and deserving individuals.

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The registration process for this program has been streamlined to ensure ease of access for applicants. Interested individuals are required to respond to a set of straightforward questions during registration. Based on these responses, eligibility for the program is determined. Successful applicants receive a ration monthly, with special provisions made during the holy month of Ramadan.

Neghabna Program

To avail of the ration, applicants must ensure their registration and subsequently obtain their ration assistance nationally. In case of any hurdles or issues encountered during this process, applicants are encouraged to reapply without hesitation.

Key Details

InitiativeNeghaban Program Expansion
ObjectiveProvide free ration to impoverished individuals
RegistrationStreamlined process with simple questions

The reapplication process is facilitated through a dedicated mobile phone number provided for complaints and queries. Complaints lodged through this helpline are promptly addressed, and applicants are guided through the necessary steps to rectify any issues in their registration or assistance.

Neghaban Program Helpline Center

To further enhance accessibility and convenience, a helpline centre has been established under the Neghaban program. This center facilitates the lodging of complaints and enables applicants to reapply for registration from the comfort of their homes. The registration process for the Neghaban program is designed to be straightforward and accessible. A designated team conducts registrations by visiting applicants’ homes to gather requisite information. Once collected, this information is processed, and applicants are promptly notified of their eligibility status.

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In cases where applicants face challenges in receiving their ration, they are encouraged to file complaints and reapply for registration. The application process, including complaints and reapplication, can be initiated through the dedicated mobile phone number provided.


The Neghaban program stands as a beacon of hope for the underprivileged in Punjab, embodying the government’s dedication to social welfare and inclusivity. Through the provision of free ration and streamlined registration processes, the program aims to alleviate the burdens of poverty, particularly during critical periods like Ramadan. The establishment of a dedicated helpline and registration centre underscores the commitment to accessibility and assistance for all eligible individuals.

As Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz spearheads this initiative, it reflects a collective effort towards building a more equitable society where no one is left behind. With its simple yet impactful approach, the Neghaban program serves as a testament to the power of compassionate governance and community support. As it continues to expand and evolve, it holds the promise of brighter days ahead for those in need.