How To Receive Gift Hamfer Through CNIC

The Pakistani government has initiated the Ramadan Relief Program to provide aid during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. Under this scheme, citizens holding valid national identity cards are eligible for support, with the government allocating up to Rs 255,000 in aid to deserving beneficiaries.

Receive Gift Hamfer Through CNIC

Despite previous misconceptions, the government extends aid to all eligible households, irrespective of gender. This inclusive approach underscores the commitment to equitable access to support services.

Streamlined Process

Efforts to enhance efficiency include the re-registration of beneficiaries to update the database, ensuring aid reaches those in need. Bureaucratic hurdles are being eliminated for a seamless application experience.

Transparency and Accountability

A dedicated portal facilitates program enrolment and status verification, promoting transparency. Individuals can conveniently check eligibility and track application progress through this portal.

Essential Relief Package

The relief package comprises essential items such as flour, pulses, rice, and sugar, distributed free of charge to eligible households. Those with a monthly income of less than Rs 60,000 are encouraged to apply for assistance.

Accessing Support

Residents of Punjab can initiate the application process online or through designated survey centres. Door-to-door surveys conducted by government officials also facilitate registration.

Key Details
Initiative NameRamadan Relief Program
Support AmountUp to Rs 25,000
EligibilityHolders of valid national identity cards
Inclusion PolicyAid extended to all eligible households
Application ProcessOnline, designated centres, door-to-door surveys
Relief PackageFlour, pulses, rice, sugar
Income ThresholdLess than Rs 60,000 per month


The Ramadan Relief Program signifies the government’s commendable effort to support vulnerable communities during Ramadan. By extending aid and fostering social welfare, the government encourages citizens to contribute to the spirit of compassion and solidarity during this auspicious time.