BISP: Positive Impacts of the Green Tractor Scheme on Punjab Farming in 11 July 2024

The Punjab government, led by Maryam Nawaz, has launched the Green Tractor Scheme to support farmers by providing low-cost tractors. This initiative aims to increase crop production and reduce the financial burden on farmers who cannot afford expensive agricultural machinery. The Green Tractor Scheme offers affordable tractors to poor farmers in Punjab, enhancing their yields and improving their livelihoods.


The main goal of the Green Tractor Scheme is to provide rural farmers with low-cost tractors to boost agricultural output and improve their living conditions.

Benefits at a Glance

Cost Reduction70% subsidy for small tractors, 30% subsidy for large tractors
Access to EquipmentEasier access to modern farming tools
Increased YieldsPotential for higher crop production
Financial ReliefAssistance for small and marginal farmers

Exactly How the Process Works

The scheme provides two types of tractors: small and large. Small tractors come with a 70% subsidy, while large tractors receive a 30% subsidy. This significant financial support enables more farmers to obtain the necessary equipment to enhance their farming practices.

Registration Process

Farmers can register for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme by following these steps:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Submit the form online.
  4. Wait for the notification regarding eligibility status.

Distribution Details

In the initial phase, the program will distribute 10,000 tractors, including 1,000 small tractors and 9,000 large tractors. The inclusion of small tractors ensures that many farmers benefit from the provided subsidies.

Support and Assistance

Farmers seeking further information or assistance with the registration process can visit their nearest BISP office. The supervisory body has taken measures to streamline the registration process and offer support to ensure full participation.


The Green Tractor Scheme is a significant initiative aimed at enhancing Punjab’s agriculture sector. By providing modern farming equipment at reduced costs, the scheme not only helps farmers financially but also aims to increase overall crop yields in the region.


1. Who is eligible for the Green Tractor Scheme? Landlords holding a Punjab-issued ID card are eligible to apply for the scheme.

2. What are the subsidies for small and large tractors? Small tractors receive a 70% subsidy, while large tractors receive a 30% subsidy.

3. How can farmers register for the scheme? Farmers can register by visiting the official Punjab Green Tractor Scheme website and completing the online registration form.

4. Where can farmers get more information about the scheme? Farmers can visit the nearest BISP office for more details and assistance with the registration process.

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