Good News: Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme Starts For Farmer

The Chief Minister of Punjab has decided to give solar panels in easy instalments to deserving and poor farmers in Punjab under the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme. With this help, they will be able to meet their basic needs. And they will be given free solar panels from this solar panel scheme. And take advantage of this opportunity to get interest-free solar panels. The Punjab government has announced that it will not charge any interest on instalments of solar panels provided under the solar panel scheme. So register soon and avail the scheme to get solar panels in easy instalments.

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In a bid to uplift the socio-economic status of deserving and poor farmers across Punjab, the Chief Minister has launched the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme. This initiative aims to provide solar panels to farmers in easy instalments, enabling them to meet their basic energy needs while reducing their dependency on conventional energy sources. Through this scheme, eligible farmers will have access to free solar panels, thus significantly lowering their energy expenses.

Punjab Solar Panel Registration Process

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has started this work. The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme and the Punjab government have allocated funds for this. Farmers who want to get free solar panels under the Punjab Solar Scheme should register themselves as soon as possible. And own solar systems with a down payment of 25 per cent under the Solar Panel Scheme project. The Punjab Government has started registration for the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme project.

Quick Details Table:

Scheme NameMaryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme 2024
ImplementationAcross Punjab
InitiativeProvide solar panels to farmers
BenefitsFree solar panels, interest-free loans
Registration DeadlineASAP
Eligibility CriteriaMinimum two acres of land, low electricity consumption
Key Features25% down payment, 75% subsidy, lottery system for allocation
Projected BeneficiariesApproximately 50,000 farmers
Application ProcessRegister at nearest Bank of Punjab branch

So, farmers who want to install a solar system to meet their needs should register with the nearest bank of Punjab as soon as possible. Become part of the Solar Scheme project, and get a solar system. Under the Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme, farmers interested in installing solar panels are encouraged to register themselves at the earliest. The registration process is straightforward, requiring farmers to submit their details and express their intent to participate in the scheme. Additionally, farmers are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to secure interest-free solar panels, further easing their financial burden.

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Key Features of Punjab Solar Panel Project 2024

Some of the important features of a solar panel scheme are as follows. By reading this, you will understand how important this solar scheme project is for farmers in Punjab.

  • Customers only need to provide an initial 25 per cent down payment to get the solar system.
  • The Punjab government will bear the remaining 75 per cent of the cost, which you will be able to repay within five years.
  • The Punjab government has allocated a lottery system for providing a solar panel system in which all eligible users will get a digital lottery. And whose names will come to be equal to the solar system.
  • Eligible customers under the Solar Scheme project will also get solar steam plates, inverters, batteries, and special solar appliances.


The Punjab Solar Scheme Project is launched by the Punjab Government under the Roshan Ghara Scheme. Under this, about 50,000 farmers will be given solar panels. Through this, they will be able to reduce energy resources and adopt modern farming methods. The Punjab government has decided that these solar panels will pay 25 per cent less.

All remaining payments will be made over five years. If you want to get a solar system in Punjab Solar Panel Scheme, visit your nearest bank in Punjab as soon as possible. Get the registration form, and join the solar panel scheme.

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