Good News: Check your 12500 Servay Status Through 8171

If you live in Pakistan, there’s important news for you: the 8171 survey has restarted. This survey is part of the 8171 program, aimed to support those who participate. Here’s how you can check if you’re eligible for this program through the 8171 survey. can easily register by reading this information. If you haven’t done your survey, how can you? And what is the new update in this survey you can get all the information here. So you must read this article in detail.

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The 8171 survey has been restarted in Pakistan, aiming to support eligible individuals through the 8171 program. This article provides comprehensive information on eligibility, registration, and the latest updates regarding the survey.

Understanding the 8171 New Survey

The 8171 survey evaluates individuals’ aptitude to determine their eligibility for program benefits. Completing the survey is crucial for accessing assistance through the 8171 program. Eligibility and registration status can only be checked upon survey completion. Those undertaking the self-survey can conveniently assess their eligibility at home.

Quick Details:

Survey RestartThe 8171 survey has been restarted in Pakistan.
Eligibility AssessmentThe survey evaluates individuals’ aptitude to determine eligibility for program benefits.
Registration OptionsRegistration can be done online via the 8171 web portal or by visiting the program office physically.
Online Registration StepsRegistration via the web portal requires NIC number input and image code verification.
SMS ConfirmationIndividuals can confirm registration via SMS by sending their NIC number to 8171 from their mobiles.

Registration Procedure Upon completing the survey, individuals can register for the program either online through the 8171 web portal or by visiting the designated program office. Online registration offers convenience, requiring only internet access and a mobile device. The registration process via the web portal is explained in detail, emphasizing the importance of survey completion before registration.

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8171 What is the new survey?

What is the 8171 Survey Did you know that your ability is being tested through this survey? Whether you are eligible for this program or not you have not completed your survey. So you are told the procedure here, you can be a part of this program by doing your survey.

And you can easily get help from the 8171 program. You should note that you will not be able to check your registration and eligibility until you complete your survey. Those who do the survey themselves can check their ability at home. So every time any help is given through 8171 by surveying you and checking your eligibility.

Online Registration Web Portal

Utilizing the 8171 web portal for registration necessitates the input of the National Identity Card (NIC) number and verification of an image code. Once these details are provided, individuals receive immediate notification regarding their eligibility for program benefits. The web portal serves as a user-friendly platform for seamless registration.

SMS Confirmation

For those preferring SMS registration confirmation, a simple procedure is outlined. By sending an SMS containing the CNIC number to 8171 from their mobile phones, individuals receive prompt confirmation of eligibility and survey completion status. This method offers a quick and accessible means of registration verification.

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By ensuring their registration they can avail of this assistance. If you have not completed your survey, you should visit your nearest 8171 program office. By going there you will confirm your survey when you have done your survey, and then you will be given the following procedure. You will be able to check your eligibility and registration by following this. and will be able to verify your registration.


In conclusion, the 8171 survey in Pakistan offers a vital opportunity for individuals to determine their eligibility for the 8171 program. By completing the survey and following the registration procedures outlined in this guide, individuals can access various benefits provided by the programme. Whether opting for online registration through the user-friendly web portal or choosing the convenience of SMS confirmation, individuals can swiftly confirm their eligibility and secure their participation in the programme. This comprehensive approach ensures that those in need can readily avail themselves of the assistance provided by the 8171 programme, contributing to their well-being and overall socio-economic development.

If you want to confirm your registration via SMS, you are told this procedure. By following this method you will be able to do your registration through SMS from your Sada mobile. So first you have to unlock your mobile your mobile will have a message box. You must open it. When you open your message box, you must click on New Message. And you have to write 8171 after writing 8171 where we write our message. You will enter your National ID Card number there which is your 13-digit ID card number without any additional information. Send it again.

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