BISP: “Updates: Benazir Gov Job Holders, BISP Cash Return, Ehsaas Program, 8171 List”

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) aims to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged families across Pakistan. Beneficiaries are identified through a Proxy Means Test (PMT) score, targeting impoverished households, particularly empowering women as primary recipients.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Targeted at poor households identified via Proxy Means Test (PMT).
  • Payments typically directed to female heads of households for empowerment.

Distribution Methods:

  • Cash distribution through various channels:
    • Cash orders delivered by post.
    • Branchless banking services.

Update on BISP Payments and Issues

Date: Unknown

Recent reports highlight issues regarding BISP payments, including instances where beneficiaries have been asked to return received funds. These situations have raised concerns among recipients about the continuity of future installments.

Key Points:

  • Recipients who received installments of Rs. 10,500 or earlier are reportedly asked to return the funds.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the future disbursement of Rs. 13,000 installments.
  • Recipients facing frozen accounts and recovery notices, impacting government pensioners and employees.

Understanding BISP Payments and Legal Actions

Date: Unknown

Government employees and pensioners in Punjab have faced stringent measures due to issues related to BISP payments:


  • Accounts of government employees and pensioners have been frozen.
  • Legal notices issued demanding repayment of received funds.
  • Warning of legal consequences if repayment is not made promptly.

Checking BISP Payment Status

Date: Unknown

Due to security reasons, direct CNIC-based checking of BISP payment status isn’t available. However, alternative methods are provided:

Methods to Check Payment Status:

BISP WebsiteProvides eligibility verification; visit [].
BISP Contact CenterCall toll-free 8171 to inquire about payment status.
SMS ServiceText your CNIC to a specified number for enrollment status.

Note: Specific payment details are not disclosed over the phone or via SMS due to privacy policies.


The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable families in Pakistan through financial assistance. Recent issues regarding payment returns and account freezes have impacted beneficiaries, necessitating clarity and support from the program administrators.

For further updates and inquiries about payment status, beneficiaries are encouraged to use official channels provided by BISP, ensuring compliance with privacy and security protocols.

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