Breaking News: 12500 Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024 Online Registration Starts

The Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024, initiated during the tenure of Imran Khan in 2019, aims to alleviate poverty by providing financial assistance to deserving families, particularly in backward areas. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the online registration process and eligibility criteria for the program. The aim of this app was once to improve the monetary scenario of the poor and deserving families in backward areas by providing economic assistance. If you are interested in your entire registration under the Ehsaas program, all the small print is provided for you in the article.

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You will see the entire process of completing the registration along with all the fine print of the eligibility criteria in this article. In addition, you will be provided with various important information about this application so that you do not face any worries about getting the cash after completing the online registration of Registration Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024.

12500 Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024 Online Registration

Before completing the registration, you need to know a few things. Former officials covered Ehsaas software in the Benazir Income Support Program. Such beneficiaries who prefer to complete their registration now will be able to complete their registration anytime through the Benazir Income Support Program.

To complete the registration process from home, applicants must follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) website using any web browser.
  2. Click on Registration: Navigate to the registration section on the website.
  3. Fill out the Form: Provide essential details such as ID card number, monthly income, and the number of family members.
  4. Submission: After entering all required information, submit the form by clicking on the “Submit Now” button.

Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024 Online Registration

If you are completing your online registration at home, you will want to complete the following important steps:

To complete the online registration at home, you must first open the official BISP website. After opening the website, you have to click on the registration process. After clicking on the registration process, you will see a form. You must enter all the necessary facts in the form, which includes your ID card number, month-to-month income, number of family members, etc.

Eligibility Criteria

8171 Ehsaas Program 25000 BISP You must fulfill the eligibility criteria to complete the online registration. Only if you meet the eligibility criteria will you be in a position to be a part of this program. Among these eligibility criteria are some of the requirements:

  • Possession of a valid Pakistani identification card.
  • No history of international travel or bank loans.
  • No involvement in illegal activities.
  • Mother’s income below 50,000 rupees.
  • Possession of a disability certificate if applicable.
  • Pakistani citizenship.
  • Financial instability.

Online Eligibility Check through ID Card

If you have waited a few days after the end of your registration and now you choose to understand your eligibility, don’t worry; I will let you know the whole method here. You need to have an ID card for your online eligibility test. If you do not have an ID card, confirm that you have an ID card number.

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  1. Access the Web Portal: Visit the 8171 web portal from a mobile device.
  2. Enter ID Card Number: Input the ID card number into the portal.
  3. Verification: Complete the captcha verification process if prompted.
  4. Check Eligibility: After entering the necessary details, press the “Find” button to view eligibility status.

Following that, you’ll need to access the 8171 web portal via your mobile device. This online platform enables you to assess your skills from the comfort of your home.


After that, the full highlights of your ability will be displayed in front of you. Thus, you can realize your potential while sitting at home. If you don’t know how to use the internet, you can get Ehsaas program 11 July 2024 online registration by SMS your ID card type to 8171 from your registered cell number.

The Ehsaas Program 11 July 2024 plays a crucial role in empowering underprivileged communities by offering financial support. This article has provided a detailed overview of the registration process, eligibility criteria, and methods for checking eligibility status. For further inquiries or assistance, individuals are encouraged to engage through the provided channels.

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